A chilling new Canadian comic series

About Black Hollow

You’ve been driving all night
down an endless Ontario highway.

The coffee’s long since worn off. You haven’t seen another living soul in hours. You’re practically laughing with delirium. The outline of a small town looms on the horizon. Perhaps it’s a sanctuary for a weary traveler. It beckons to you. Lulling you towards it. The closer you get, the more you feel it. The chill. The stillness. But more than anything, the darkness. It begins to surround you, like it can see every bad thought you’ve ever had. Uneasy, you feel maybe you shouldn’t stop after all. A cruel wind seems to be whispering “You’re home.”

And then you see the sign.

Welcome To Black Hollow

Black Hollow, a small Ontario town home to friendly folk, the best corn in three counties, and the annual Summer Lights Festival. A lovely place to live, if not for the host of hellish nightmares hiding behind every shadow. Every superstition and ghost story you've ever feared dragged screaming into the light. Welcome to Black Hollow. Don't miss the first issue of a chilling new anthology series.

20 pages of spine-tingling full-color horror!

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Comixology: $3.99

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The Silence

Explore deeper into the mysterious Ontario town of Black Hollow. In this chilling issue Albert grieves a devastating loss as a terrifying presence moves into his home. The horrifying Canadian Anthology series continues!

22 pages of bone-chilling full-color horror!

Print: $5 + Shipping
Digital: $1
Comixology: $1

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